The T-Rex Twitterer

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In case you missed it, Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex is now on Twitter.  She’s just discovering her Twitter voice this month, but there is so much potential….A recent post, to wit, “Turn-Ons: Warm Climates, Visitors, Wounded Hadrosaurs. Turn-Offs: Raptors, Bad Hygiene, Mass Extinction Events.”  Of course, the Field Museum probably has to play it safe with its Tweets. I wouldn’t expect a “Far-Side” type-of-tweet such as “Schoolchildren! Lunch-time!” but it’s a very clever use of social media… The above picture earlier this year came from an assignment about the efforts of the Field Museum to keep the specimen free from dust. (It’s the largest complete specimen in existence.) The collections manager at top, Bill Simpson, normally uses a special blower, but every now and then lungpower comes in handy during his very special manicure…