Skyline Sunrise

SkylineSunrise©2009 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

The hour when I drive in to the city is showtime for the sky. If you see more than a few morning pictorials on this photo blog, it’s because I’m just capturing a sliver of the elusive beauty that slips across the sky. Even with my photographic “dusty mirror”, the colors and the light that presents itself gets me going even more than the morning joe.

A Glorious Canvas


©2009 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

It has been a revelation for me to work the early morning shift – morning by morning new glories above the Chicago skyline. It’s amazing. Every sunrise is like a new painting (ok, when it’s not overcast)… Not that I would get up earlier on a regular basis, because  I’m such a night person, but why haven’t I ever heard people talk about the gorgeous sunrises over the city?  It’s quite different than watching the sunset over the Eisenhower in the evening and the red color caused by brake lights from a traffic jam. Here the skyline and sky create this momentous promise. You half expect to pass the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing on an overpass or sidestreet. I can’t believe I’ve been snoozing through this for so many years…

Morning Fog


©2009 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

Like many people, I enjoy looking at the interplay of the skyline and the day’s weather. Yesterday I was coming in with the sky largely clear. Off in the distance, I could see something that looked like white smoke from an extinguished fire. Turned out to be morning fog coming in off the lake to engulf the Hancock. I pulled off to the side of the Kennedy for a moment to shoot the scene before it was gone.