Downtown Downpour


© 2009 Chicago Tribune

For the Chicago area and our economy, it seems like there’s always the threat of more rain. Occasionally to this column I’ll be publishing flashback photos – pictures that represent a timeless Chicago and that most of my blog readers have never seen. This scene was from a July in which I found myself on LaSalle Street for an unexpected downpour.  The humorous aspect of this picture is that I was trying to keep ahead of this businessman to frame him within the street yet he kept speeding up at the sound of my footsteps. He didn’t look back, and so couldn’t have known who I was. But he pressed ahead more quickly. Perhaps his healthy paranoia of the unknown is a useful commodity in today’s business world!:-)

Aerial Automobile

CT Flyover20

©2009 Chicago Tribune

Color, light, and above all, the patterns. I mean, how can you not enjoy aerial imagery?  When I look at car graveyards, I tend to wax on about the romantic, illusory control these cars once held on our imaginations. Of course, I hold no illusions about my current decade-old Kia. When it joins cars like these, all I can think is, “’tis a far, far better resting place…”:-)

Raining Color


©2009 Alexander Garcia

I often liken the process of seeing pictures to painting a canvas, where you find a background and hope to align lighting, moment and composition to create a cohesive image that has the impact of all these factors. In this case, it occurred with a simple moment at my family’s cabin. I turned to my left, and before I heard my wife (also a photographer)  say “take a picture!” I was bringing my camera to my eye to capture my son in an honest, albeit goofy:-), moment.