Running to the Sun

A jogger runs over a pedestrian bridge towards Lake Michigan on an early morning. ©2010 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

A jogger crosses the lens plane as I lay flat on cold concrete photographing a pedestrian bridge next to Lake Michigan. I was glad he wasn’t freaked out by a stranger, basically in a sniper position, laying down in the middle of his morning routine. Up until that point,  pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers would run close to the side of the bridge to get out of the picture or maybe to avoid my presence.  In preparation for the moment, I had been tweaking that sunburst at right – just too much either way would have created intense lens flare, or would have blocked it completely. This was one of those enjoyable mornings of beautiful sun, invigorating weather, and time to explore. Just lovely…

Polar Days

©2010 Alex Garcia

Siberian Huskies on Northerly Island during a Polar Adventure Days event sponsored through the Chicago Park District. This is my ideal kind of event. Not because of the wonderful dogs, the cool ice sculptures, the science demonstrations, the rescued animals, and the overall nature-centric themes of the event. Those were all wonderful for my small kids over the weekend. But what makes it unbelievably cool is that it’s a Chicago event that’s all free, with FREE PARKING! Oye! Makes me want to go back in February…

Early Morning Blur


©2009 ChicagoTribune/Alex Garcia

It’s early in the morning on the lakefront, and sleepwalking is my current form of exercise. A joke, but I’m a night owl trying to adapt to a 6 a.m. morning shift, so I’m out of sorts. I like being able to see the sunrise, but all the activity I see – it’s all just a blur. I’m here at the lakefront because these glowing leaves caught my attention while driving by looking for pictures.  Now I sit and burst off frames as I wait for the elements to line up. To run, powerwalk, bike along the lake as the sun rises must be a wonderful way to start the day. Especially with the slight chill of the morning to whisk away sweat and fatigue. Wonderful..must be…I’ll put it on my list of experiences to have…

Stay the Summer

Summer on the Lake

©2009 Alex Garcia

Wishing the summer to stay. Just wishing. I watch my son play along the water’s edge of Lake Michigan at North Avenue beach as I take in the grace of another sunset and the remains of the day.  The day has said its peace. The crowds and sun have softened. It’s my ideal time. The light has a glow. There is a calm encouraged by the waves.  Soon we will be back to school, and these open and lingering hours of free time will transition to early bedtimes and hurried schedules.  We must come back soon. As in work and play, I find myself on a deadline….seasons may change but some things stay the same….