A Summer’s Eve

Palos Party Picnic

©2009 Alex Garcia

Having lived away from Chicago for many years, I tend to forget the fragility of an outdoor gathering, such as one my family had over the weekend.  Maybe it’s because the weather during my time in Southern California was always in the 70’s and partly cloudy. If you had a party, of course it would be outside. It’s perma-weather. But in the Chicago area, it’s one thing to get everyone together at one house –  especially if it’s a group of south-siders, north-siders, out-by-O’hare-ers, and Chicagolandia suburbanites…but then to have nice weather?  No sweltering heat, no rain, no oppressive humidity…just a very pleasant summer’s eve where you can dance and move freely outside among friendly faces?  It usually takes being in the moment for me to truly appreciate it – to want to hold back the passage of time and to enjoy any kind of dancing to “stay the moment”…

“Friday nights and the lights are low…”