A Policeman of Purpose

©2010 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

A door from the patrol car driven by Chicago Police Officer Alan Haymaker rests on the side of Lake Shore Drive after his vehicle slammed into the side of a tree. Haymaker did not survive the crash, which occurred while he was enroute to a burglary.  The exact cause of the crash is being investigated, but icy weather contributed to it. The Tribune had a full story about him on its breaking news website. After photographing the accident, I accompanied the reporter who interviewed the officer’s pastor at his northwest side church.  The picture of Haymaker that emerged from that interview and others was both humbling and inspiring – of someone who served the needs of those around him, as an officer, friend, neighbor, and father – at sometimes great risk, but always as a reflection of his Christian faith. I had just been talking with my wife about how much our society is owed by people who live and serve others in quiet, unassuming ways. This morning I heard one such description and it gave me pause. That seemed to be Haymaker’s mission and heart.

Aerial Automobile

CT Flyover20

©2009 Chicago Tribune

Color, light, and above all, the patterns. I mean, how can you not enjoy aerial imagery?  When I look at car graveyards, I tend to wax on about the romantic, illusory control these cars once held on our imaginations. Of course, I hold no illusions about my current decade-old Kia. When it joins cars like these, all I can think is, “’tis a far, far better resting place…”:-)