Skyline Sunrise

SkylineSunrise©2009 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

The hour when I drive in to the city is showtime for the sky. If you see more than a few morning pictorials on this photo blog, it’s because I’m just capturing a sliver of the elusive beauty that slips across the sky. Even with my photographic “dusty mirror”, the colors and the light that presents itself gets me going even more than the morning joe.

Of Snow and Horses

Winter-Horses.jpg©2009 Alex Garcia

I am off the first three days this week, so my vacation days have coincided with the first serious snowfall of the season. That means I can more easily take an enchanted view of the snow. I don’t have to worry about getting that perfect shot of the miserable commuting experience shared by hundreds of thousands.  I can focus on the bucolic scene and horses from the first snowfall of last winter, coming back from western Illinois where our parents live.  The memory of this scene has truly helped me past the snowdrifts of negativity while driving in traffic around the city.  I have heard it said that people seem to be wired for biophilia, or “love of nature”, and that people’s most peaceful memories are usually outside in nature. I would agree… It’s hard for me to stay upset at snow when I’m embracing a snow scene in my mind’s eye…

Above the Bean

TheBeanFromAbove©2009 Alex Garcia

Cloud Gate, or, “The Bean”, as seen from a helicopter. I was in between assignments and couldn’t resist a pass over Millennium Park to see what you could see looking down on it. Hmmm…looks like it could use a little TLC up on top. Not many people realize there is actually an office area inside The Bean. During construction of the sculpture I was ushered into it to photograph some of its inner mechanics. The reflectivity of its shiny surface somewhat disguises its true interior volume…