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Chicago photographer Alex Garcia

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Welcome to Assignment Chicago, the blog associated with my portfolio site at www.AlexanderGarcia.com.  If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog during its incarnation at the Chicago Tribune, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve returned to my personal URL for this unaffiliated blog. I’ll continue my regular musings about photojournalism and visual storytelling.  I’ll also post photos from editorial assignments, as my clients allow.

For new visitors, I’m a Chicago editorial and commercial photographer with twenty years professional experience, formerly with the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. With sheer optimism and a number of clients, I decided to leave my position to take my skills and experience into the world of freelance photography.

I have several awards to my bio, including a Pulitzer Prize and a World Press Photo Golden Eye Award. I’ve been called “One of the World’s Leading Photojournalists” by a major publisher, and have given interviews on radio and television about the industry.

I’ve taught as an adjunct lecturer at the Medill Graduate School of Journalism and currently at the School of Visual Arts in New York. I’m also a frequent speaker at public events such as Photo Plus in New York, Chicago Ideas Week, Printers Row Lit Fest and a TedX Midwest event.

The blog which I wrote for the Chicago Tribune for four rewarding years culminated in the 100+ page book that I’ve obnoxiously put on my home page. Give it a go.

I hope you enjoy reading and will be in touch.






  1. hello Alex,

    This is a fantastic collection of images. I am a big fan of street photography, and your selection on this site is wonderful.

    I carry a camera with me at all times to try and capture moments as they occur around me – have had practically no luck with night-time photography thus far…

    I wanted to thank you for volunteering your skills and your time to wheelwell. I wonder if we could meet to discuss?

    best regards,


  2. Hi Alex.
    I’ve just read my way through you’re entire photo blog (found it through your post in the Digital Photography School). Fascinating stuff, amazing images. Interesting that you still feel self conscious when you’re out with your camera, even after so many years. I’ve only just started out, in a very ‘keen amature’ way, and have been finding the self consciousness difficult. You’ve given me heart to carry on. Thanks!


    PS – an email subscription system would be great. :)

    • Hi Lisa, if you can believe it, I’ve become less self-conscious over time. I think it depends upon the situation – the more that a photographer is expected to be somewhere, the less I tend to care…. thanks for your interest! do carry on – and consider your self-awareness to be a gift of sensitivity!

    • a 17mm-400mm! ok, probably a 28mm, since place is such an important contextual idea in photographs

  3. An Illinois Photographer of the Year and World Press Photo award winner, Garcia gives photo tips, advice, and insights into his pictures taken while on assignment.

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