City of Broadly-Painted Shoulders

©2010 Chicago Tribune/Alex Garcia

If you’re a mural artist, what a thrill it must be to have your work seen by so many thousands of people every day. It must be that much more gratifying to paint something besides a woman posing next to an oversized beer bottle, which is typically on this building. The downside is that everyone is a critic, so I’m sure he’ll get an earful about those, um, big nostrils on Jonathan Toews.  Mario on the assignment desk, to his credit, kept his eye on this Chicago Blackhawks mural – er, beer ad – and on the schedule so I could shoot this building. If the painter was just using a harness, it would have been interesting to photograph him as he painted in the face. But the horizontal scaffolding would have marred the full effect of seeing the mural.  The sun was out, so I parked and waited for the mural to emerge from shade, hoping the scaffolding wouldn’t lower much further.  I couldn’t leave without seeing the eye-popping red hit by direct sunlight.

Alex Garcia


  1. Looks like a very athoritive figuare. very strong but a little lack of Intelligence protective but fire in the eyes of this champion ihope that is the only way you could pulled off all that stenght without upset definately a winner for the symbol of power.

  2. A little touch up on the nose and mouth, face kinda looks like he’s being checked into the boards. Oh, and putting the cup in the background is like the cubs sayings next year is here, don’t celebrate before you get there.

  3. Thanks whoever painted this for jinxing us from ever getting the Cup… you put up a picture in praise AFTER you win something, NOT before!


  4. Wtf its gonna be so over for us. Why the heck would anyone paint this. Toews has led this team to victocy night after night this is a jinx on the cupp ever coming home to Chicago. look at the cubs the bearss come on chicago every HAWKSFAN out there needs to PRAY to the glory hockey god above and askk him to look over us being 1st in the central after this psh idk what to expect

  5. I’m still wondering who paid for the mural? Was it the Blackhawks? A fan? A Red Wings fan hoping to jinx the Hawks? A beer company? We must know so we are clear who to direct our anger toward! :-)

    • The mural is a beer ad, although I hesitate to guess what the approval process was for the design of the ad….

  6. When the Hawks win the damn cup, you can put it in a painting. Only a cub fan would think of doing something idiotic like this!

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