Snow Sculptures

©2010 Alex Garcia

Snow sculptures of various cultural figures and figments of imagination dotted the side of the road along South Michigan Avenue, compelling me to grab the kids for a visit. Among others, there was a dancing elephant, a mohawked-figure, a grandfather clock and what appeared to be an exuberant Oprah. I was off the clock, but that creative need to make photographs keeps right on going, even at a family outing.  (Fodder for another conversation….)  It didn’t take long for an image to happen – a woman saw this sculpture of a seeming religious figure and dropped to her knees. She was having fun, but was she also sincere?  Not sure.  As a photographer having fun that day, I can indulge the luxury of mystery. (BLOG UPDATE.  My friend Margaret talked to the creator of this sculpture. It’s of a Chinese opera star – not a deity. Too funny!)

Alex Garcia

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