Polar Days

©2010 Alex Garcia

Siberian Huskies on Northerly Island during a Polar Adventure Days event sponsored through the Chicago Park District. This is my ideal kind of event. Not because of the wonderful dogs, the cool ice sculptures, the science demonstrations, the rescued animals, and the overall nature-centric themes of the event. Those were all wonderful for my small kids over the weekend. But what makes it unbelievably cool is that it’s a Chicago event that’s all free, with FREE PARKING! Oye! Makes me want to go back in February…

Alex Garcia


  1. Alex!!
    this photo is hilarious, especially to me, who lives with a wolf in the winter and daydreams of being pulled by a team of sled-dogs.
    nice job
    mary, annie’s BFF

    • Thanks Mary! My wife Laura actually rode a dog sled in upper Wisconsin as a kid while on assignment with her Dad who was the outdoors writer for the Tribune. WHat fun that would be! Hope you do it one day!

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