Shirtless in Chicago

shirtless-in-Chicago©2009 Chicago Tribune

Fridays are some of the best days for photographing street life in the city. People are out, relaxed, looking toward the weekend and in this case, “wearing torso”…. I was stopped at a light on Madison on the west side on a recent Friday when I saw this man out my rear passenger window. I’ve often thought of assembling a collection of photos taken out my car window between assignments, since I often don’t have time to stop in places that call out for pictures.   It’s interesting that in that brief traffic moment, while he was in a conversation and I was a casual observer, he had a moment of quiet reflection. You don’t expect to see that on a busy, noisy street. There was also something very photographable about the light, body gesture, accessories and ennui that had the feel of a billboard ad for jeans – a fashion that years from now will go out of style, but is ubiquitous for the moment…

Alex Garcia

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