A Sister in a Time of Need

A Sister in a Time of Need

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Roman Catholic nun Pat Murphy consoles a woman outside an immigration detention center in Broadview, IL. A busload of illegal immigrants had been deported, and the woman was unable to communicate with a family member who was on his way to the airport. This was for follow-up story of a previous posting.  Murphy and fellow nun JoAnn Persch have made a mission of advocating for the spiritual and material needs of illegal immigrants who are in the process of being deported. Many of our citizens have very little sympathy for illegal aliens. The nuns, however, have held weekly prayer vigils for years, just to be able to pray with and comfort them and their families during this very emotional ordeal. I could have photographed this with a telephoto to show their interaction, but we were standing quite literally at the end of a road. It seemed like a sadly apt metaphor for what was going on. The full story can be read here.

Alex Garcia

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