In the Air Show Trenches


©2009 Chicago Tribune

Chicago is having its annual air and water show, and after having photographed it a number of times, all I can say is…all power to the photographers out there this weekend. This image is a flashback file from my days in the air show trenches – hours in the hot sun, trolling the miles of beach looking for an image of planes, boats or the crowds that you haven’t seen year-after-year-after-year-after-year.  No time for a leisurely hot dog on the beach with a cold drink – planes have crashed before at these events and it’s your hide if you don’t have a photo of it.  Heck, you might be the person running if the plane comes cartwheeling into the crowd. And you still should have a shot of it!  I know, I know, those are macabre thoughts – but I’m sure they are running through the minds of photojournalists covering it this weekend – the image soldiers loaded down with cameras, laptops and water bottles.  May you have added appreciation for their photos this weekend!:-)

Alex Garcia

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