Wait Wait..Don’t Bust Me!


©2009 Chicago Tribune

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! radio show host Peter Sagal lets out a big laugh after he gets busted by an audience of librarians.   During the recent taping of the show at Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago,  he revealed his show uses Wikipedia for some of its research, and they were none too happy…. The most surprising aspect of photographing the show behind the scenes was how truly collaborative the final show is, in the sense that Sagal has been its creative force but is also edited like any other contributor. Also, the show tries to take out from the final show all references to its audience. This is unlike “Prairie Home Companion” which makes references to its audience part of its appeal. For that reason, you didn’t hear this very funny moment on your radio.

Alex Garcia


    • Hi, unfortunately not. These images are all under copyright, mostly by the Chicago Tribune and their team of lawyers. Thanks for the interest!:-)

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